An Introduction to Web Hosting

An Introduction to Web Hosting

Web hosting can be an interesting adventure to say the least. While not as confusing as you might think it still takes quite a bit of work. Not to mention good technical and math skills. You also have to have a good sense for handling money.

First off what is web hosting? Web hosting is where a person with a spare computer buys a certain amount of bandwidth from an ISP and then μ›Ήν•˜λ“œ sells it to people. Clients then pay money for parts of the total bandwidth, and to host their site on the server, a.k.a spare computer. Essentially they pay a fee, and their website is stored on another person’s computer, and people on the internet can access it.

This is simple version of web hosting though. In the case of large scale companies and services typically a company will set up with quite a few servers. Then offer people space on the servers, and charge a fee for it. This fee covers the wear and tear on the hard drives and also pays the ISP the company is running through. If a person wants their website to have more bandwidth they upgrade their plan. Essentially the same but slightly different in scale.


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